Dolby/5.1/Stereo on Retail VTV

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Dolby/5.1/Stereo on Retail VTV

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On retail VTV Dolby Mode does not allow volume up and down key on remote to control volume on Sony Bravia KDL-60EX720. I had to change to Stereo mode. When will Dolby work correctly, and when will 5.1 be offered?

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Re: Dolby/5.1/Stereo on Retail VTV

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Dolby 5.1 is supported now. If you want to control volume via the Vodafone TV remote though you will have to switch to stereo. Apparently the Dolby spec requires the STB to pass control of audio to the receiver so it is working as designed. That being said it pisses me off too and we are trying to get it changed.

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