Does anyone work at Vodafone TV, SA2005

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Does anyone work at Vodafone TV, SA2005

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So this is getting old


Back in November our old vodafone TV box blew up, and after 2 weeks of hassel ( new box arrived adn got Code SA2005 ) we finally managed to get tv working, ( thanks to a Josh )
After all the hassel we were promised a credit on the account, this never happened, and then the bill didnt match what we were quoted per month
then the 26th of Dec the Tv stopped working again, same error code, once again calls to teh call center didnt help, infact  Iwas hung up on in one case.

Multpile emails and social media and still nothing, now here we are 13 jan, still no Tv almost a month after it started working, I WHOLE MONTH, i have been paying for and no service. I mean really how hard


I know all that is required is "I need to remove the service point and re-add it which should in theory fix the issue before the end of the day." thats what was done last time


and then i can get the promised credit sorted ( i have the emails with this) and then get the correct amount each month getting charged, and then i hope some credit for the lastest round of issues and month with NO TV

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