Digital recorder 'fails' on recording some programmes

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Digital recorder 'fails' on recording some programmes

by Tim3 Starter Poster
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Our vodafone digital recorder has started not recording certain programmes. It announces that the recording has failed on the menu. The  'information' feature summarises the programme and then adds in bold yellow at the bottom "Recording interrupted due to the channel no longer being available". Other recordings from the same channels - "Vibe" and a sports channel, all free to view - and which we have recorded up to now are affected. The channels are still available in real time. This has only started happening over the past week. Thanks for any help in this matter 



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Re: Digital recorder 'fails' on recording some programmes

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi @Tim3 


Can you please power off your Vodafone Digital TV recorder (T-Box) at the wall power socket, then back on again (if you havent tried this already?)


Let me know the outcome (do the programmes then start recording normally).




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