Customer service incompetence to a new level

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Customer service incompetence to a new level

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Well done vodafone for demonstarting just how bad customer expereinces can be - i've always wondered how low a company can go with customer service and i think you just achieved that new low. I really hope the new owners understand about customer expereinces. 

i have a simple request, one which would mean i'd pay Vodafone more each month.  in 2 days i've made 2 calls, spent 30+ minutes on the phone to 4 different people and still no where near acheiving what i was after (which is upgrding Sky to inlcude more channels)

Why does your automated phone service ask to input our customer number/phone number, only to be forced to repeat it once you get an actual person on the other side of the phone call? i may as well have just typed in a bunch of random numbers. i lost count on the number of phone buttons i needed to click to finally get to an actual person too.



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Re: Customer service incompetence to a new level

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I would have to agree with you, I tried to play "lets spend some more money with VF" a while ago, a very fustrating exp. to actually get someone to sort it.


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