Customer service gripe #2

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Customer service gripe #2

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Had the old Voda Sky Set Top box for years... Signed up for Vodafone TV late last year. Biggest mistake I ever made. The new set top box user experience was terrible, and functionality so limited, I canned it straight away, and went straight back to the old set top box.


Billing errors for months, service which kept stopping, hours and hours on calls to their help desk. Almost all resolved.... But My Sky which always worked previously stopped working. Numerous calls to help desks, and ended up in a stalemate... VIDA pointing at Sky, and Sky at Voda. In the middle, one annoyed customer without My Sky.


Some of the issues I encounter (not exhaustive by any stretch):

- Sent a Chorus tech out, when I already had fibre. 

- Finally sent a Voda TV box out... which I then returned... and was charged for.

- Sky service kept dropping out.

- Five months of billing errors, double billing, incorrect billing, being promised discounts that never eventuated. Finally sorted when I lost my cool and threatened to leave.

- Finally got hold of a NZ based help desk agent... but then even she didn’t help.


Why am I still with Voda? Well, as soon as I figure out an ISP and Sky package which works for me I’m off. 


Butttttt..... fix my My Sky, and I’ll probably stay. Anyone from Voda listening?

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