Changing providers - does Vodafone TV work?

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Re: Changing providers - does Vodafone TV work?

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@Gaffer wrote:

How can you say the new box will be a piece of junk if it hasn't been released as yet. Or has it?.

No it hasn't. a launch date hasn't yet been decided.

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Re: Changing providers - does Vodafone TV work?

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I concur - Vodafone put out a crap box, it is rubbish.  It was sput out as a "same as the T-Box but better" product.  It isn't, it won't be.  If Vodafone is putting out a new version of a junk product it would need to have been re-invented from the ground up just to get it on part with a T-Box, or Sky Box.  You do understand that they are releasing a box based on a lemon?  I'd imagine the "new improvements" will most likely include a host of "new error messages" to take up your viewing pleasure lol.


As part of beta testing that new box, they will surely have worked their butts off to make their junk one they have now work, yet we have seen little if any improvements, just lots of lies from Vodafone.  For example, lying that they will promise to have fast forward with visuals months ago.  Have you seen it?  Have they updated why months later they can't even get that sorted?  Have they improved the functionality?  The user interface?  No, they have not.  It is a box that has a range of problems, ones that change over time - like the good old "hey, you can't even watch your recorded stuff bug" that was one of the latest issues.


I'd bet good money the new box will be just as junk - Vodafone don't care - just as long as they can scam more and more poor suckers into getting it and fibbing their way through sales telling everyone their new box is heaps better than the T-Box, when it has never been remotely close to it.

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