Casting VTV app to TV

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Casting VTV app to TV

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Can the VTV App for iPad be casted to a TV via chromecast, cable etc????
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Re: Casting VTV app to TV

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Hi @12Guage 


Casting from the APP to Chromecast is not possible.  You can view only direct on the mobile device.





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Re: Casting VTV app to TV

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There are quite a few posts on this forum querying whether VFTV can be cast to Chromecast.  None of these that I can see have had any response (which is disappointing).  As far as I can see, the VFTV app will not work if casting or screen mirroring is enabled, and there is no Cast icon within the app -- so I am guessing the answer is that it is not allowed ... it would be good to hear this from somebody in Vodafone who knows the facts.


What I am wanting to be able to do in particular is cast the Sky sport channels.  I travel a bit, and it is great to take a chromecast with me to plug into whatever TV I have whereever I am to keep up with the sport.  Sky Go let's me cast the sports channels, but I am keen to cancel my standard Sky account and subscribe to Sky sport through VFTV.  It just appears that I will lose some functionality if I do that.

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