Both VFTV and MySky on same account

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Both VFTV and MySky on same account

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I have just received and installed a Vodafone TV box, which came as part of my Fibre subscription.  I have an existing Sky account with two decoders.  If I want to put Sky onto my VFTV box, can I add that as a device to my existing Sky account, so that I can keep the two existing Sky boxes and just add the VFTV box a third device? The reasons I want to do this are 1) I am aware of numerous shortcomings with VFTV, so if I keep the MySky I have the best of both worlds, and 2) I can put my second Sky box in a room with no internet connection, and avoid the problems people are having with Wifi and the VFTV box.



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Re: Both VFTV and MySky on same account

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Unfortunately, we are not supporting the mixing and matching of both Vodafone TV and SKY TV on the same account. (Noting that obviously Vodafone TV supports the same SKY packages as SKY TV does. + A lot of cool features, like catch-up and restart TV, and watching recordings on any of your STBs and mobile devices.)


If you have any concerns around Vodafone TV, just let us know and we will do our very best to try to answer all your questions!


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