Appalling Customer Service

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Appalling Customer Service

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I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet as I've sent numerous e-mails and made abiout 10 phone calls to Vodafone over the past month.


I was offered Vodafone TV as I would get a discount.  I tried Vodafone TV and found it to be a far inferior product to Sky TV so conatcted Vodafone to go back to my original package whch they agreed.


SInce then I have been receiving bills that are not in line with my old package.  I have called Vodafone on 10 occasions and have been pushed from pillar to post on each call.  Migration, billing and customer service teams amongst others.  I have been promised call backs within two working days that never happen.  I have sent five e-mails without response.


I just want to speak to a real human being who can deal with this.


Also, tried to call Vodafone this mornign an was told there was a minimum of a 40 minute wait.


Where do I go from here?  I estimate that I've wasted about four hours of my life trying to contact Vodafone.



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Re: Appalling Customer Service

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I'm very sorry to hear the hassles you've been having. Please direct message me (click on my name) with the details - acct #s etc and I will take it up with our Care team.


Apologies again.



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Re: Appalling Customer Service

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Story of our lives too. Had a sales person phone & offer vodafone tv. Didn’t explain it properly (missed the important things) so nxt day after searching info ourselves we found out not right for us so cancelled it.
Have 5 days to do this...simple 1 would think. That was 20th February - still not sorted and we have spent a good 6 hours plus on phone calls being passed person to person. All promises & no action.
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