changing to voice over broadband from PSTN network

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changing to voice over broadband from PSTN network

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I've a few questions about the PSTN switchover, which affects an elderly relative...


1. Someone called out of the blue from Vodafone earlier in the year (which seemed like a scam, but apparently legit) and offered a cell-phone based solution rather than a fixed-line phone.  Is it not possible to have a fixed-line phone in Wanganui?  The FAQ's on your website suggest it is an option, but wasn't offered.  Ideally a more similar setup to what they have now is going to work better than a cellphone old people can't use easily.


2. Is there a router involved?  My relative doesn't have internet, only fixed copper lines.  If a router is needed, there isn't any power at the primary phonejack... will Vodafone pay for an electrician, or even go halves?  A bit cheeky, I know, but pretend you're in your 90's and it becomes a legitimate question!


3. Ideally we'd like to delay this for as long as possible (you know how old people are resistant to change).  Is there a set date for when Wanganui's Exchange will be decommissioned, or only a rough estimate, such as 2020 or 2021?  Do we have to crack on with this now or can we delay for, say a couple of years?  I've scoured the internet and all I can find is Spark's vague mentions of phases without dates.


Your FAQs on the matter are useful, and helped, apart from the above.  Also, it might be a good idea to send out another letter describing what's happening again, in simple terms.  I get the impression awareness of the PSTN sunset isn't great, and when Vodafone reps call up talking about Spark doing something, many people are baulking... I know I was sceptical until today.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: changing to voice over broadband from PSTN network

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Thanks for the post. 


If they don't have broadband, then give us a call and ask for an exemption as without that and a router, voice over broadband isn't the right product. There's a few years in the copper network but worth starting to think about alternatives.


I'll ask about the exchange but I doubt there's a set date etc yet.


Thanks very much for taking the time to feedback and post, please let me know if your relatives need a hand but let's make sure they're NOT switched over.





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