Vodafone services went off without any warning

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Vodafone services went off without any warning

by TagiAleMativa New Poster
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Vodafone services went off Thursday at 8:30 pm while I am using my data for work. I had to drive back home and use my wifi with skinny to try and access vodafone online app without success. I could not call out any number including 777. I tried turning phone off and then back on several times, nothing. Got my sim out and back in, nothing. Then I go online using my skinny home wifi and on vodafone website, nothing on the outage but I could not see my details of my account. There was a message something like opps details not available at the moment. I think it came back on at 12 am or 1 am Friday morning. Then last night I was about to pickup a fare on ponsonby road and my phone would not work. It says no simm card. I turned it off and on, same thing. I had to go home which is a bout 35km away to use my skinny wifi to end the freaken job and try and see what was happening. Still no word from vadofane. Today I try to call vodafone to speak to some idiot in NZ, Indian picks up and say sorry there is no number in NZ to call. WOW!

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Re: Vodafone services went off without any warning

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@TagiAleMativaDid you stop to think maybe the device the SIM card is in is faulty?


Have you tried the same SIM card in another device as part of basic fault checking?


If a device is faulty powering it off and on again does not mean it will fix all issues,


Then you expect help and call people an idiot!


Yes there was an outage the other day as I understand but this is now resolved so the issue must be somethng else

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