Home phone ... please please please ... can someone help???

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Home phone ... please please please ... can someone help???

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Hi there,


Can someone please help us??


2 months ago we sold our house. Whe the sale went through I immediately rang vodafone and organised a relocation date.


A month later the date arrived and when I called to check when the technician was arriving I found out nothing had been booked. It was re-scheduled for the following Tuesday.


On Monday I got a txt saying the technician would be there in the afternoon - I arranged with work to be there and in the morning I got a call from a vodafone guy asking if I was at home. After a few more calls they arranged someone to come in the afternoon.


The Internet switch went fine. The tech then told me we were switching to an IP home phone then joked how he bet I wasnt told. No I hadnt been. He said the number would be switched in a few hours.


THREE WEEKS and 5 calls to Vodafone later - we still don't have our number. Every time except the last I was told don't worry it had now been switched.


The last call, which was the worst (but not untypical).. I waited on hold for 10 minutes - the guys answered, told me he would get it sorted and  to wait on hold while he called someone else, on hold for 7 minutes someone else picked up and asked what my customer number was and what he could do for me. I told him I had already been on hold etc  etc. he said he would put me on hold while he got it sorted ... at this stage I begged him ...please man, please please please don't let someone else pick up and ask for my customer number - iHe was a bit shocked and very apologetic and told me under no circumstances would that happen ... after being on hold for 30 minutes  the system hung up on me.


A day later I tried calling again .. I entered my customer number and after 10 minutes I just couldn't face it any more.. and I hung up


When I call my old number it tells me it has been disconnected,  I got an email yesterday telling my all our bestmates have been cancelled...


Can someone please tell me what I can do now???


I estimate I have been on the phone to vodafone for nearly 4 hours now and I just can't take it any more.....


I'm desperate to get our number working... please can someone help me? please please please....

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