4G Sure Signal?

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Re: 4G Sure Signal?

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Looks to me that Vodafone just ran out of the V3 Sure Signal. I was advised at the Albany Vodafone store that a newer version is coming, this no doubt will be a 4G version like you can already find from other suppliers if you Google 4G Femtocell. Vodafone have also just started to roll out 4G voice over data on the North Shore as well. Currently I'm in a weak signal area but have recently got fast VDSL with the Vodafone smart hub modem so am waiting for the new version of "Sure Signal".


Vodafone needs to change the "Sure Signal" page on its website with something like an e-mail alert when stock finally arrives. I wasted a whole lot of time because the purchasing information like "add to cart" was not "Grayed out" and I went round trying to buy one. Its not until you read that they are out of stock do you realise the problem. Terrible webpage

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