old personal web pages on paradise

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old personal web pages on paradise

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Hi - haven't used or accessed my Paradise personal web page for some time (er, 14 years perhaps??) but now the servce will disappear completely on 30/11, and now I want to ensure that I have copies of the files. I can still http to the pages using then the rather strange user name suffix and everything runs.


However, I cannot establish an FTP session to remove the files. I have used winscp, regular FTP and WS_ftp. It seems that the server is there ( - I can ping it successfully), but I cannot establish an FTP session using the method given by Vodafone (, or via other packages.


I can establish anonymous sessions viw winscp with other sites, but not with paradise.


I've tried a guest login to the paradise site, but still no good.(error reading response frm server).


So any hints please! Am I trying to access the correct host? Have I forgotten my user name?



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