Usability upgrades wanted for Vodafone TV

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Usability upgrades wanted for Vodafone TV

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The vodafone EPG needs a "channel view" like Sky, so you can get a dozen or more programs listed vertically for just 1 channel at a time. This makes looking for content that you want to book much faster. The current EPG only shows 2-3 programs at a time.


When going to the EPG for kids channels, it often highlights 10 minute programs from the recent past. If you click on them, it gives an error. It should hightlight the program on at the current time... eg the default action is to select that channel to watch live tv...  eg example time is 3:25, it will show programs from 3-5pm, but if the 3pm program was 20minutes long, the EPG highlights that one, and not the one on from 3:20+


When looking at "INFO" for a program, you should be able to continue to RECORD it, rather than BACK->RECORD... I mean that is the obvious next step... And Sky fails that test also. 


When watching a program recording live, if you fast forward to the "live" location, it will exit you from the viewing, and take you back to the very start of the program if you restart it... it should give you an error and return you to LIVE viewing mode... AND/OR when you open a program there should be an option to select a start point in minutes using the number buttons like Sky has... 


There needs to be a web based or phone based app that allows you to record content on the box similar to mysky and tivo. Any one have ideas on if that exists? 


For recorded content in the planner, it would be really good if it bunched up episodes from a series into a folder, similar to Tivo... That was a really cool option. 


With series link, sometimes recording fails for whatever reason, and the content if often repeated several times, but the series link only ever waits for the next episode. If a recording failed, it would be awesome if the system could do a one time recording of the same episode at a different timeslot... 


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Re: Usability upgrades wanted for Vodafone TV

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Hi @webwidgets 


All good suggestions thanks.. and duly noted. Smiley Happy




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