TV Decoder Programming Problems

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TV Decoder Programming Problems

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by Cynthia Starter Poster
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We have 2 T-Boxes and they have not been displaying programming information for the last 3 days.  We have tried calling (no answer) and emailing (issue ignored).


Can you please tell me how to fix this.



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Re: TV Decoder Programming Problems

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi Cynthia

This issue can be resolved by powering off the unit at the wall outlet, waiting 10 seconds then powering it back on.

It is a known bug we are waiting to be resolved.

I work in Media Operations.

Please note that I am not a part of the social media team and help out on my own time where possible.
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Re: TV Decoder Programming Problems

by ajfaalavaau Starter Poster
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Hi Cynthia
We are Having a similar issue. Vodafone call Centre is no help. Theyve put me on hold 5 times tonight and hung up on me. So annoying.
Anyway just wondering have you found that your series links aren't working and you cant record either.
Also did you resolve this issue? Thinking of going back to sky cos the tbox is pretty useless now!
Thanks in advance ;-)
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