Replacement T-Box

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Replacement T-Box

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Hi guys


My T-Box hard drive has started making some scrapping noises recently and so I think that perhaps it might be on its way out.


Just wondering whether the new T-Box's being distributed now are new or recycled ones? (I.e. it would be nice to get one with a hard drive that doesn't already have hundreds or thousands of hours on it already)


Also am I right in thinking that there is still no way of preserving your recordings when you move boxes?



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Re: Replacement T-Box

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Please PM me your account number and I will see if there are any issues.

No, you do not nessecarily get a brand new unit. Correct, recordings are not preserved.

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Re: Replacement T-Box

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So thanks to Grant, technician came yesterday and replaced the unit so all good so far.


Looks like I got a new unit as was now branded Vodafone & still has the plastic on the front. (Unless as they are recalled they are getting new faceplates put on them?)


One thing that I've noticed, and I don't know if its just my imagination or not, is that the box seems faster to respond. I'm starting to think that the old box had a critical error happening under the hood and was causing all kinds of things to go awry (random lockups, disk check that takes HOURS to complete, slow UI, etc.)

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