Read Me: Vodafone TV Troubleshooting

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Read Me: Vodafone TV Troubleshooting

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by Frances Retired Staff
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How to power cycle your Vodafone TV:


1. Unplug the power from both the Decoder and Modem
2. Wait 10-15 seconds to make sure power drains
3. Plug the power cable back into the Modem
4. Wait until all four green lights are on steady.
5. Power on the Decoder


Three button reset of Decoder:

The three finger reset was designed to take the current firmware image, stored on the Vodafone Digital TV Recorder hard drive and to write it again to the flash ram.

It is only to be done as a last resort. Media Services Group will advise when required.

  • Unplug the power to the set top box.
  • Wait 20 seconds
  • Hold the “power” button, “up” button, and the “ok” button on the front of the set top box (not remote). While holding the three buttons, plug the power back into the set top box. Continue holding until you see a green play light on the front, then you can let go.
  • After 5 minutes the PVR will be back in an operational state.




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Re: Read Me: Vodafone TV Troubleshooting

by Dylan Retired Staff
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Hi everyone


If @Frances 's tips above don't help, please start a new topic in the Vodafone TV board with more info about the problem you're experiencing.




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