My parents would like to join Vodafone.

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My parents would like to join Vodafone.

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Can someone give me a price to join Vodafone for the 1st time. Services required are 1. Unlimited Broadband for adress 54 Taheke Road Northland. 2. Recordable(free device) sky TV with sky sports and movies(I see a deal with free sky sports for 12 months???) 3. Landline with caller ID and answer phone. I See a promo of a free tv, can you check to see if this applys to my requests for my parents?

I wish to be a contact for my parents as they have no idea what to ask for and what is required. I will also be asking them to join their cell phones to the account eventually.




Shane Matene


Existing cusomter of Vodafone.

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Re: My parents would like to join Vodafone.

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Hi Shane,

This links might be of help or you can contact the sales team by checking this link also

Happy to help!

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