How to pair tbox remote to second tv

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How to pair tbox remote to second tv

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Ok so - we have a TBOX and an HDMI link to a second tv upstairs (this means we can watch upstairs also as long as we only want the same channel as downstairs!). Today we have. Had our downstairs tbox replaced and have been given a new remote. The upstairs remote doesn't seem to work anymore. Does it need to be paired again to the upstairs tv? How do I do this? I tried to follow the instructions using the codes in the remote booklet but none seem to work - its a Panasonic THL32X50Z LED-LCDwifi tv. Any help gratefully received!

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Re: How to pair tbox remote to second tv

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Hi @Harby56

If you go to this link here: and scroll down to page 19 of that link you'll find the codes to program the remote to your TV.

Hope that helps!

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