Booking PPV on Vodafone tv box

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Booking PPV on Vodafone tv box

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How do I do this? I would like to book the boxing pay per view for next saturday the 5th July, but I dont know where to do that and I cant seem to find anywhere in the manual. Please help. Im trying to book in advance so that I have peace of mind. This would also be helpful for a WWE Wrestling PPV in near future and other Fighting PPV. Cheers.

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Re: Booking PPV on Vodafone tv box

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi @MacFinnie

The Sky Arena channel is currently not available on the Vodafone Digital TV Recorder.

This is actively being worked on at the moment, but there is no ETA at present.

I work in Media Operations.

Please note that I am not a part of the social media team and help out on my own time where possible.
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