no notification of declined credit card payment

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no notification of declined credit card payment

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I previously posted about not receiving any notification that my automatic credit card payment had been declined, and that  no attempt is being made to retry the charge. 
I received a reply advising me that delcined charges are retried after 5 business days and that I would receive txt notificaiton of the missed payment.


That is what is supposed to happen, but I  do not receive these notifications, and it doesn't seem like the charge is retried. 


My latest invoice payment didn't go out (would have been declined by the bank for insuffient funds).


Please can you look into why I am not receiving notification and the payments aren't being reattempted.  


It's really inconvient. Money is tight right now, so I need to know when something haven't gone through so I can put money on the card.



189368837 is the invoice number.


My bill has REF: TCL on it, is this why the billing system isn't behaving as it should?

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