Vodafone Pass - Endless data to stream

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Vodafone Pass - Endless data to stream

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Hi, I received a txt message on my mobile saying that my plan now included a free Vodafone Pass for the life of my plan giving me endless data to use for streaming, video, chat, social... it says that I can do this through My Vodafone app tapping on Plan & Add-ons... Now, I've tried doing this and I could NOT find anything about Vodafone Passes in my iphone app. I looged into my vodafone using my laptop and when clicking on Plan & Add-ons there is a message that says: "Looking for something? If you’re here for Vodafone Passes or Add-ons for data and mins, please use our handy My Vodafone app (excludes Business customers)" So, how do I activate this service that I have been given if I cannot find it?

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Re: Vodafone Pass - Endless data to stream

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Thanks for your post. In the app you

  1. Log into My Vodafone
  2. Tap on Plans & Add-Ons
  3. Scroll to Passes
  4. Choose your pass
  5. Swipe left to see the options for each Pass
  6. Tap Buy
  7. Confirm your purchase
  8. Done

Still nothing shows?

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