VOIP with Ultra Hub

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VOIP with Ultra Hub

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I've just received an email from Vodafone saying VOIP is activated 05/11/18, but ther are no guidelines or instructions beyond the simple steps outlined in Vodafone's "quick-start-guide-ultra-hub.pdf". 


A password is provided with no explanation for its use.  The landline VOIP does not work, and we cannot call into our landline number.  When trying to dial out we get beeping.  This is a really poor handover for a new service. 


Our VDSL connection has been up and running for a year, with no problems, so the VDSL connection is ok.


The phone is correctly plugged into Line1 at the back of the UltraHub.

I've logged into the UltraHub advanced settings for phone, and enable line 1, and guessed I need to use the password provided to apply the changes.


Help please.  We have a cell phone connection to the outside world, but the landline backup is required for on call work with a hospital.



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