Update Credit Card Details from Overseas

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Update Credit Card Details from Overseas

by LNoo68 New Poster
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Hi there,


I am currently overseas on holiday in Bali, and had my credit card swallowd by an ATM.  I have cancelled the card, and now have a new one.


I need tio update my account with the new credit card details, but don't seem to be able to do this via My Vodafone or the Customer Zone


I have two accounts - one for Broadband Services and one for Mobile Services.  They are both automatically paid by the same credit card monthly.


Is it possible to have a secure link sent to me, so that I can update the details on-line?  The next payment is due early February, and I will not be back in New Zealand before then to sort this out.


I don't want to have to call Customer Service from my mobile to discuss this, as it will cost a small fortune!


Can you please advise how this can be sorted out on-line asap.


Many thanks!


Lisa Noonan

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Re: Update Credit Card Details from Overseas

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Hi @LNoo68

Hope Bali is treating you well, apart from the ATM.

Sorry but there is no way to do this online - will your bills fall due while you're away?

There are 2 ways to sort this

- The international call - +64 9 355 2007

- chat online with our agents.


Enjoy Bali and travel safe.


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