Poor Customer Service

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Poor Customer Service

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Kia Ora


A number of weeks ago, I rang up and adjusted my vodafone package, keeping sky and broadband but removing the home phone, sky sports and multi room and updated my email address.


I was supposed to receive a new contract, I didn't.  I was supposed to get a courier bag to send back the second decoder, I didn't and all the services continued to run, except the phone.  However the removal of the phone number removed my access to my vodafone.


I rang back, I was told the phone was gone and all the sky services were there, I once again asked for what I orginally did, again I did not get the contract and still no access to my vodafone, although I was told I was charged for everything I cancelled in November for December so I asked that to be adjusted and how to get back onto my vodafone.  He was going to fix it and email me.  He didn't.


I rang back again, this time I was on hold for 20 minutes whilst it took them to find me (with the exact same details).  Apparently the email address recorded was still wrong, despite being updated twice now.  I finally got a reset password - doesn't work, can't get into my vodafone.  Asked them to at least email me by bill so I could pay it - got it.  Said its $5, the only service I have apparently is vodafone protection.  I'm not against just paying $5 as the service and the amount of time its taken me to try to sort this has been appalling.  Although I assume if I do just pay that then I lose all my services.


I asked for a manager to contact me back so I could make a complaint and actually try to get the things I have now tried and failed to get sorted 3 times, actually sorted (despite being assured each time that they were sorted).  Naturally nobody has rung me.


I have been a customer for around 10 years, I pay my bills on time and frankly it should not be this hard and take this much time.  I've given up calling as it seems fruitless.


Very disappointing.

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