Poor Customer Service

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Poor Customer Service

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I don't intend to relate all the trouble that I have had with trying to sort out my problem as It would be to long and involved.


I wished to upgrade my data plan. The first  person I spoke to sorted it out and I waited to be advised when the upgrade had taken place. As I hadn't heard after several days I again rang and was told there was not record of my request.


Further ring and eventually I got a response to my previous request for an upgrade, and this time advised that I would need a Modem upgrade.


The FibreX was installed and I thought this is great. But wait, there is more. I then discovered I had no Television. Got a "Not Subscribed" notice. Further rings and shoved from one person to another. Eventually was told that TV was left off the package, after having been with Vodafone for years.  Two days later the TV was restored. No advice that it had been restored and no apology for the incident.


This is extremely poor customer service and communcation from a communication company. I am sure you can do better than this is you try.

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Re: Poor Customer Service

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Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience and will pass on your feedback to the team responsible. Certainly not the experience we would want toy to have for such a simple upgrade.



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Re: Poor Customer Service

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Thanks. I live in hope that my comments will have some small effect.

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