Payments don't show in my vodafone

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Payments don't show in my vodafone

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Their is a bug with the My Vodafone app.


If you make a payment, at least on iPhone, the balance owing doesn't update. I guess it must at some point but not at time of payment, despite the fact it says the payment is successful.


This is misleading, or at least confusing.


I paid twice last month thinking I must have miss read the payment successful message.


Confirmed this month.




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Re: Payments don't show in my vodafone

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Hi @StephenBaugh -  unfortunately very few billing systems are able to update in real time. Whenever you make a payment, even via credit card, it can take a day or two for a billing system (like ours) to reflect the payment. Sorry that it seems confusing, but it isn't really a bug.

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