Past account issue with Baycorp

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Past account issue with Baycorp

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I was with Vodafone a number of years ago. 


I would like to talk with someone who can clarify and clear up an issue regarding Baycorp and my account. I'd rather not do this over the online board, however, Vodafone has shown a real lack in it's ability to take criticism and admit faults in the past. So if someone could please contact me as soon as possible.


Ultimately I want to know why someone elses name was added to the account when we were assured that it could not be done only now we see it has affected them via Baycorp as well.


Not cool Vodafone.

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Re: Past account issue with Baycorp

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Hi @JordanFarnum - that sounds like a frustrating issue and I'm sorry to add to it, but unfortunately you will need to ring our contact centre so you can be transferred to someone in our credit review team. The Ninjas who spend their free time helping out on these boards unfortunately have no visibility on these kinds of accounts, so won't be able to help you. Sorry about that!

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