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I'm confused and frustrated.


Can someone please tell me why I need to pay 2 bills.  I have a bill on my old finished account and the bill on my new vodafone resigned account.


Both bills cover the same date  period for the same address for the same connection.  Instead of a monthly cost of $97 I now have to pay $240.


Thats over twice what I normanly pay for a service that initially Vodafone sale said would cost me less than what Im currently paying.  (It cost less because I'm now on a 100 fibre plan where previously I was on a 1000 fibre plan  Dunedin Gigatown)


Can someone please help me sort this out.  I have called Vodafone 3 time now.  I really don't think I should have to pay both bills as clearly they are for the same connection over the same date period.


Please can I talk to someone from accounts in NZ.




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