My Vodafone

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My Vodafone

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My vodafone account on my mobile phone is showing the name of my previous employer detail removed who set-up a monthly billing to go to the company's account.  I would like this to be changed to my name detail removed since I have been paying my prepay load since I left  the company in 2017. 


Are you able to make the change in the account name? Just fyi, the name on my profile on my vodafone account is correct. It is only on the mobile the I am requesting the change.


Woud you need my vodafone details or you can check it from this link?


Many thanks


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Re: My Vodafone

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Hi Mitzi,


Here's our help page on how to transfer a mobile number from one name to another -


There's a few things to note:

  • If the connection is still registered under your previous employer's name, they will need to contact us to change this over.
  • If you're on Prepay already, you'll lose any balances you have since you would effectively be starting your own account from the beginning with us.



I work in the Corporate/Government space for Vodafone, but I know a little bit about a lot of things we do. I volunteer my time on here.
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