My Flex Prepay data missing on renewal

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My Flex Prepay data missing on renewal

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I have noticed this before when my plan renews every 28 days but have never done anything about it before. I am on a My Flex Prepare plan. On renewal I should get an extra 1.25gb of data but this never seems to happen. On day 28 of the plan I note how much data I have left and the next day day 1 I should have an extra 1.25gb of data but it never happens. I am usually fobbed off with I must have used data on the last day. Even though I use the work wireless and I have wireless at home. This time I switched off mobile data on day 27 and noted that I had 4.63gb of data left. I then kept my phone switched off for a day on day 28 so I could use no data. When I switched my phone back on on day 1 my plan had renewed and my data had grown from 4.63gb to 4.75gb even though I should have an extra 1.25gb. Does someone know where the missing data has gone. I then check data usage and it says I used 934mb on day 28. On day 28 mobile data had been disabled and the phone switched off. Do other people on My Flex Prepay have the same problem?

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