Lost data and minutes

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Lost data and minutes

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Question: Has anyone else been able to link to anything on the Vodafone website at the first, second or third go?

It feels like it has been bug-fixed and bolted onto so many times in the recent past that it has become what we in the Information Systems industry would call "spaghetti code". The problem with spaghetti code is that every bug fix creates further bugs, or what we would humorously refer to as "unplanned enhancements" .

I first posted a grumble about Carry-Overs when Vodafone changed from Prepay 19 to Prepay 18 when it appeard that mine (and my wife's) considerable Carry-over data and minutes had been nobbled. It turned out that they had in fact been shifted to "Add-ons" and I updated my post accordingly.

Was it an "unplanned enhancement"?
Well maybe, but what I didn't mention at the time was that Add-Ons appear to have a drop-dead date facility but simple Carry-overs did not. The fact is that now our stash of Carry-over data and minutes (that we mistakenly thought was permanently ours if we continued to pre-pay on time) has been arbitrarily bumped off with a 12-month stay of execution. Mmm, but I digress.


On to my latest grumble (or "unplanned enhancement?").
I recently topped up our mobile phones and it now appears that mine and my wife's Carry-Over / Add-Ons (several gigabytes and several thousand minutes) have disappeared altogether.
To be clear the 'My Vodafone' Account Summary suggests that the whole lot were consumed last month.
However, since I haven't as yet been able to  find any breakdown of that supposed usage, past experience suggests a bug here but I stand to be corrected.


We've reached decision time again in my household, so any help from any quarter would be welcome.



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