Landline not working

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Landline not working

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by NatalieGreen78 New Poster
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my landline went dead again this morning, for the 4-5 time in the last 6 months.

how am i supposed the call when i have NO phone service.

our phone is are plugged into a wall socket.

my broadband is still working

I have unplugged the home phone and tested it independently with no luck, i have checked the filter and it is working fine.

please i need my landline as it is our only form of contact with anyone because we have NO cell phone coverage in our area

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Re: Landline not working

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Still an issue with your phone?


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Re: Landline not working

by MarkGreig New Poster
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We went into our local Vodafone shop to explain that our phone was giving a no such number tone. She spoke to a collegue who said if we just plugged our phone into the router if would work. This is not the case.Still nothing. We turned off the router also to reboot but to no avail. Can you help to activate our phone.



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