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According to NBR, you're about to cut off my ihug email. Why didn't you tell me first?

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Re: Ihug

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I agree why did we have to hear it from someone else first and I think a lot will leave now I'm thinking about it

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Re: Ihug

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I have no interest in being forced into Cloud emails.


Explains the recent $100 credit to lock into a plan propaganda flyers.



Oh, I'll be having you forward my emails, but to another ISP I think..

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Re: Ihug

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If you wanted to end your contract early this I think would be a valid out without any fees

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Re: Ihug

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Apologies, all the email are being sent so sorry yours hasn't arrived yet.

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Re: Ihug

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@MikeHales - Still waiting for my email ink to arrive.


Oh and +1 for being disappointed to hear about this via the media with no prior notification at all, in any form, from VF themselves.  Pretty poor form when you're trying to retain customers

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