How to contact Vodafone while overseas

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How to contact Vodafone while overseas

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I've moved overseas and asked Vodafone to change my account from a plan to prepay on the day after I left (because I will be going back and forth between countries and wanted to keep my number so elected to be converted to prepay). They said I just add credit to my account via the app once I land in my new country and then be sure to top up at least once every six months. But i got here and found out they'd locked me out of the app and I also can no longer log in through the website online.  I'm thinking they must've just cut off my phone rather than switching it to prepay, which means I'll have lost my number too. So frustrating. So, how am I supposed to add prepay credit to my phone?

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Re: How to contact Vodafone while overseas

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Hi @MS - sorry about that! If you click on this link and choose the Prepay option, you should be able to chat with our team about what happened with your phone number transfer. I'm sure they can help you sort it!

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