Emailed used by another customer? & Multi Sim Management

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Emailed used by another customer? & Multi Sim Management

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Hi all


Two questions, bit long, sorry about that.



I recently purchased a VF sim card for my security alarm and attempted to register for My Vodafone for easy managment down the track. Unforunately the registration process did not go smoothly (website bugs) and had to call Vodafone CS for assistance. During the call, we found out that in Vodafone system, the email that I have tried to use to register, was already registed, by another customer! 


The email I had tried to use is a custom domain from my own company, thus no one in theory should be using it. It is confirmed that the current registered customer is not me, based on the gender and other info that could be confirmed. Dont worry the CSR followed their privacy policy pretty good!



So what I would like to know, is there any way VF could contact the existing customer to verify their email address. Because as the owner of the domain and email address, I would like to free up that email from VF system incase it is to be used from my end. 



With My Vodafone, can I manage multiple sim cards under one account? 




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Re: Emailed used by another customer? & Multi Sim Management

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Hi @johnnyyeh80


Happy to sort this out for you. Should be pretty easy Smiley Happy


For Q1, I'll send you a private message and we'll take it from there. 


Q2 - Yep, you certainly can. When logged in, you can add in other connections from the 'Manage Connections' tab / button. 


Best Regards,


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