Confused if I use CustomerZone or Home and internet login

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Confused if I use CustomerZone or Home and internet login

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Hi everyone!


I have moved back to New Zealand from the USA and of course resigned with Vodafone on the cable in Christchurch aswell as mobile services 


The issue and confusion I'm having is which login do I use to view all my account details?


I created a My Vodafone account and used the app on my iOS device to view my mobile and sharers (4 additional), I used the app to add my home cable service thinking I could use the 1 login to view both mobile and Home Cable services.


When I select which service to view I can see my home service but when I click to view it won't show me anything.


Unfortunately I'm not able to logon on the website to view my home usage but I can login using my email and password (the one I use on the Mobile App) and can view only mobile usage.


could someone please tell me what I have done weong

- Kanahau 


(I am not an employee of Vodafone New Zealand and i am not associated to the social media team. I am a regular Vodafone New Zealand customer that volunteers my time here to help make Vodafone a better place for all)

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Re: Confused if I use CustomerZone or Home and internet login

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Hi Kanahau 


Thanks heaps for your query! 


We will need to check the accounts to find out whether you need to login via Customer Zone or not, and provide steps to login. 


Can you please send me a private message with your customer number, and we'll find out what's going on. 




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