Can't get any help to fix fault yet again!!

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Can't get any help to fix fault yet again!!

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I have been trying for weeks to get another fault fixed it took over 6 weeks of ringing and emailing the Philippines and usually got cut off every time! For the last fault but we still got charged full rates for not having internet for that length of time!!

This is my last resort of getting help sad that I have to join a forum to try and get it sorted customer service is one of the most important things in a business!! We had a problem with our RBI internet awhile ago it took over 6 weeks of calls and emails to finally get it sorted not good enough!

Now we are having trouble with our phone people can not call us they keep getting a message saying gsm is not turned on or out of range??? 

We have a child with a heart condition and need a working phone that can receive and make calls we have already missed two phone calls from the hospital recently without wanting to sound cliched it is a matter of life and death to a certain degree!! Our cell phone reception here is not reliable either with no reception been the normal case!!

I hope that someone will reply pm or whatever and get this sorted so we do not have to wait for weeks again and pay for a service we did not receive!! At $105.00 or more a month we expect better and more consistent reliable service!! 

Our last contact with the Philippines was on the 6/3/2018 I'm not holding my breath for any action from there it would be great to be able to talk to someone in New Zealand once and get it sorted and not ring Philippines several times and go through the whole story over and over and over again just to get cut off yet again!! 

Come on Vodafone help please!!

you could try ringing me but the phone doesn't work!

It even took three goes to get thispost to work!!



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Re: Can't get any help to fix fault yet again!!

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I'm very sorry to hear about this. Please message me your account number and I will get the team to look into it.

Apologies for the hassle.


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