Bills and phones and viewing my account

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Bills and phones and viewing my account

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Hello Ninjas,

When I go to the app, I see all the mobile phones our family has - but Nothing on my Internet accouint - why not? Can you fix that please.  I have no idea what my new monthly bill is since you / we changed it, I want to set up a monthly auto payment, but can't find the information on the app.


When I go to ask for help from my Vodafone app - I get directed to 2 other pages, then I need to sign in again and you don't recognise my password this second time? However, you already have when I sign in the the app 2 pages ago?  Can you fix that too please.  I shouldn't have to sign in using FaceBook.


Ideally, I would like to go to My Vodafone app - see all my mobile phones and also my Broadband - actually - everythign Vodafone trhat I pay money for.  Can you please do that?


Thank you and Merry Christmas

Allan & Brenda 


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