BIlling Problem

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BIlling Problem

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I upgraded from VDSL to Fibre in October and since then I’ve been billed for both.  Each month I call billing and they credit me and tell me it’s been fixed and will not happen again.


Repeated this process again for the second month.  Hey, these things happened but it was fixed again right?


The third month I was told my account was credited again but this time I was also transferred to “Jack” in what I think was called the “retention team”.  I was told that he would “fix it” and assured me that it wasn’t going to be a problem anymore.


So now it’s month four and I have just received my bill with charges for both VDSL and Fibre.  Calling billing is not getting this fixed and I cannot keep calling every month.


Would really appreciate a PM from someone that will own this and get it resolved for me.




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Re: BIlling Problem

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Really sorry about that. Direct message me - click on my name and I'll take it up internally for you.



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Re: BIlling Problem

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Sounds like a familiar story - I re-signed recently for 24 months for our home Broadband with the helpful folks at the Vodafone shop in Queen Street in January - but their system was down and so I entered the nightmare of Vodafone call centres to do a simple re sign for 24 months and get a new modem.

My new modem - promised within 3 days is still not here nearly a month later  - I then entered the nightmare of Vodafone Ninjas - who kept apologizing and promising to fix it.


My account was also incorrectly set up when I signed in and after another frustrating experience with the call centre - escalation to the supervisors etc etc - a helpful email from Vodafone Sales in NZ appeared to have it fixed but not so - my bill arrived today - incorrect amounts, promised discounts not applied, and charges for the freight on the modem that has not yet arrived.


I have just spent 2 hours out of my work day again today until finally I got a helpful chap at retentions  Christchurch that has assured me he will sort the Bill and re-dispatch another modem.



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Re: BIlling Problem

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Hi Mike,


I sent you a PM a week ago as suggested and am following up as I've had no contact. There has been no change to my account. Was expecting at least a credit so that the over charged amount isn't taken on Monday!




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