Auto topup on chosen date removed

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Auto topup on chosen date removed

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Hey folks


Where did the "auto top up on a chosen date" option go?

Until a while back, this option was loaded on a phone: Top up with $20 on 15th of each month.

The users had to change the payment method and could not edit the card details.

They added a new card, but could only set up an auto top up to top up when the balance goes below $5.


This seems to be the only option left to users now.


This is a terrible option. If the balance is $6, the auto-top up won't happen, and when the plan renews, there won't be enough funds left, so that will fail, AND the carry over balance will be lost!

Is that the intention Vodafone?


This issue was raised in a previous post, but nothing done about it.


Please restore somthing similar, or allow the user to chose the balance at which to auto-top up. It would make far more sense for a MyFlex plan user to auto top up when the balance is too little to renew.




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