Account date letf issue

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Account date letf issue

by HyunHwang New Poster
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I usually using pre-pay vodafone, but I perchased Glaxy S9 Plus on 28 Feb.

However, my pre-pay account changed $30 plan automatically by Vodafone, not by me.

Also, it just let 19days, still i am not recieved Glaxy S9 Plus, using my old phone.

How could it be like this situation?

I also, pre-pay top-up $20 on 9 March, but it was gone!!!

what happen my account! fix and make sure for this unfair deals.


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Re: Account date letf issue

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Did you buy the S9 on Interest Free? That would switch you to the monthly plan from your Prepay as the phone is not for sale outright initially. Did you buy online or in-store? The S9 will start shipping today and be in stores tomorrow.


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