Access to myvodafone after changing number

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Access to myvodafone after changing number

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After bring in my old number to vodafone, it seems that my access to My Vodafone is limited. I no long able to see my usage and review my plan. The number displayed is still not changed. I called the contact center. They said I need to register again using the number I brought with me. But once I input the number, it says it has been registered and ask me to log into My Vodafone, but I can't log in using this number. I can only log using the vodafone number which is supposed to be changed and once I log in the information access is limited as I mentioned. Where should I go from here?

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Re: Access to myvodafone after changing number

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Hi there I think we need to tidy that up for you.

can you email us your details to please?

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