upgrade router

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upgrade router

by IssaraSarakanee New Poster
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hi ... I have a question

I've used ADSL for 2 years until yesterday I just change ADSL to fibre max (700-900m) 

Do I need to upgrade the modem or router to the new one?

because when I used lane cable and connect with a laptop and test the speed it shows me 700/700 that's true Smiley Happy

but when I test the wifi speed with another device or mobile the speed down to 100-200 only!!! Shocking!! so different!!

Could you tell me how can I do?20190123_232542.jpg20190123_232542.jpg

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Re: upgrade router

by Staff wsfinest Staff
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Wifi is unable to reach the speeds that you can using a ethernet cable, so changing modem won't help sorry.

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Re: upgrade router

by Senior Contributor MrMorm Senior Contributor
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thats actually ok for wifi - especially for a phone.

Wifi cant go as fast. Most devices will see 100-200Mbit on 5ghz wifi.

Higher end devices (macbook pro, flagship phones etc) may see about 300.

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Re: upgrade router

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by Regular Contributor kamrind Regular Contributor
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Hi @IssaraSarakanee


Welcome to the Vodafone Community.

The modem could be part of the issue but you would need to check with your modems user guide and check what technology is supported. 


Wired will always give you the fastest. For older machines they might be limited to approx 100Mbps.



Your modem may have settings for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz (check with the modem model online or via your user manual) each have pro's and con's.




Frequency Theoretical SpeedReal World Speed


5Ghz6-54 Mbps3 - 32 Mbps
802.11b2.4Ghz11 Mbps2-3 Mbps
802.11g2.4Ghz54 Mbps10 -29 Mbps
802.11n2.4Ghz300 Mpbs150 Mbps
802.11n5Ghz900 Mbps450Mbps
802.11ac5Ghz433 Mbps - 1.7 Gbps210 Mbps - 1 G
I myself like to name each Wifi Network seperatly (i.e Your WiFi 2.4ghz & Your WiFi 5ghz) so if you see the 5hz option you know that your connected to the fastest available option to you, Some modems do not support this feature.

- Kanahau 


(I am not an employee of Vodafone New Zealand and i am not associated to the social media team. I am a regular Vodafone New Zealand customer that volunteers my time here to help make Vodafone a better place for all)

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