Working Remotely and WiFi dropping

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Working Remotely and WiFi dropping

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I'm working remotely from Christchurch on a 300 Ultra Fast Cable plan, using a Vodafone standard issued router.


I’ve restarted the router when kicked off the network and have moved my computer to an area with the strongest Wi-Fi signal, but still experienced a very poor and unreliable connection.


Being cabled into the router has made some improvements but I still experience buffering, lag when streaming or using Skype for Business and Share file programmes.


There are no other Wi-Fi users at home while I'm working or other potential Wifi drainers. I’m unable to Manage router myself since it’s been years I’ve had it. Our IT department that you may be able to check the strength and possibly make improvements remotely for me  Thanks for your help!

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Re: Working Remotely and WiFi dropping

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Check out this blog post here about Wifi and how to get the best from it

Which Vodafone Modem is it? The grey Ultra Hub or something else? Wifi power is set to the max permissable under NZ law so there is nothing you can change there. So make sure you check out the suggestions in the link above, particularly make sure you are using the 5ghz wifi band if possible as that is much faster.


However the key point I take from your post is that the issue occurs when you are cabled to the modem. This can only mean 1 od 2 things

1) the internet connection has a fault causing dropouts/slowness. So you'd need to call Vodafone tech supprt for help

2) Your work connection is poor. If your work computer uses a VPN connection (Iie you have to log your laptop into a remote access to get all your work systems at home), that could be an issue/restriction/limitation with that. This issue is not uncommon and the way to test this is to disconnect your work PC and use other devices and see if there is any issue just with normal internet usage. If not, then your work IT need to sort out why your remote access is bad.


You'll need to isolate whether it is  #1 or #2 above, and I'd suggest working on #2 first. If you have another non-work PC/laptop you can cable to the modem this would be best to test with, or use the work PC with the VPN disconnected if need be.



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