Wifi dropping out

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Wifi dropping out

by AmandaJ New Poster
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Hi, recently my PC and printer have stopped picking up the wifi.  I use a HG659 modem and usually have two networks to choose from, one of them with a -5 extension.  All other devices in the house work fine though I have noticed all of them now only locate the -5 extension and not the other one.  If it had been only the PC that stopped receiving wifi I would have thought it was an error with that, but as the printer stopped at the same time I am inclined to think it's a modem problem.  Both PC and printer are close to the modem.  Printer is only 1 year old, PC perhaps three or four.  Any ideas?

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Re: Wifi dropping out

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Possibly worth turning off the modem and then back on again, may just need to reset.



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Re: Wifi dropping out

by riotaylor Starter Poster
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I bought a wireless printer of canon brand. I made all the setup and connect it with my pc. At the first day, all is ok but at the second day when i try to take a print, it shows offline status. I checked the connection all is ok. But when i check the IP address it is different from the one i have set. The IP address is fluctuating automatically. I found the solution on here which is workable for me.

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Re: Wifi dropping out

by lindagrham21 New Poster
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If these types of problems arise then reset your Modem and another thing search on mobile phone HP printer repair near me take help from the Technicians.

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Re: Wifi dropping out

by OliverJohnson New Poster
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I have tried resting, Reconfiguration and many more. But nothing work. I am tired. I had an issue in logging Epson Connect but it is fixed,  only stuck in it.

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Re: Wifi dropping out

by Regular Contributor MrMorm Regular Contributor
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The HG659 modem has a bug in it that sometimes the 2.4g wifi can die and never come back.

however if you upgrade to the newest firmware for it, it will be restored



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by ericaturner New Poster
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by alburnjones New Poster
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Hp printer offline issue is the most common problem that can be arisen when there is low connectivity speed in between the computer and printer. Many of the HP printer users confront this error and they may wander for the technical support. So, if you are also doing the same thing, then stop it now because we have a team of a knowledgeable person who knows better to eradicate your complicated issues within a minute. You only have to do is to stay tuned with them hassle-freely until and unless the technicians offer you cent percent solution related to your query that you have been asked.

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Re: Wifi dropping out

by rogerdavid4419 New Poster
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Vodafone is best in my area its very cheap and best speed it provides

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Re: Wifi dropping out

by Albertjohn5457 New Poster
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Follow the on-screen instructions. The troubleshooter will attempt to identify and fix the issue. If it cannot, it will provide you with further guidance on addressing the Canon Printer Setup problem.
When your printer displays the Offline status in the printer’s control panel, you might not have connected the printer and computer to the network properly.

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