Vodafone Ultra-hub current Firmware

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Re: Vodafone Ultra-hub current Firmware

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It's now been 3 months since Vodafone became aware of these issues, and there is no firmware update. Technicians are being trained to replace the HG659 with the Ultrahub on sight, yet standard features that work reliably on the HG659 simply don't work on the Ultrahub.


3 months is an unacceptable turnaround time to fix trivial problems like a non-registering admin password, ignoring the fact that proper QC and regression testing would have prevented firmware like this from being rolled out at all. We're talking about the router taking down details from a web interface, storing them in a flat file, and reinitialising the radio component if need be. That's all it should be doing in any given situation.


Please get this pushed up the priorities ladder. It's a good product, but this sub-par firmware is crippling it.

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Re: Vodafone Ultra-hub current Firmware

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by jwntr New Poster
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I just signed up for FibreX with Vodafone a month ago. Now I have the issue with the Ultra Hub not remembering the updated admin password after a reboot. This seems like a pretty serious security problem, it means anyone with the password (which is written on the bottom of the modem) can login and change any modem settings they want. Also the modem admin interface is exposed to the internet by default and there is seemingly noway to disable this.


The other issue I just experienced was that the 2.4GHz wireless dropped all devices and would only allow connections to the 5Ghz SSID. This is after the modem was running well for several weeks. So perhaps there needs to be some changes to reset the 2.4GHz wlan0 interface periodically so this doesn't happen?


I think it's a positive sign that the Vodafone staff are replying in here, and I'm hopeful that a firmware update is coming soon. Please give us an update guys!

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Re: Vodafone Ultra-hub current Firmware

by Jason2 New Poster
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Hi @MikeHales, May has gone and no sign of update.  When can we expect this to drop?


In a related matter:it would be rather nice to know what the status of the Ultra-Hub is against this flurry of emering threats.  For example, is the Ultra-Hub impacted by VPNFilter?

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