Vodafone Ultra Hub & Double Extenders: Any issues

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Vodafone Ultra Hub & Double Extenders: Any issues

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I got Fibre in Demember last year.

It all went beautifully. It was installed less than 26 hours after I first made the booking to Vodafone

Lucky I had my HG659 handy before the Ultra Hub arrived

The ultra hub arrived 3 days later. And since then It was all running smooth for about 1.5 months

I then upgraded to the Standard + Vodafone TV deal with 2 Extenders. This is where my troubles had started.

I had one extender installed and was setting it up as an AP and was going to have it at one end of the house (the Vodafone TV was still in the process of getting transfered) I lost internet across all my devices a short time later but a quick reboot of the Ultra Hub and everything came right. But the following night I lost all internet slowly across my devices. while testing it looked like none of them were getting IPs so I removed all devices and only had the one wired connection to my UltraHub. still no IP used a static IP (IPv4) couldn't ping the router or surf the internet and the phone light was flashing Red.

A quick change back to my HG659 and I was up and going slowly plugged everything back. And installed the 2 extenders which are treating as APs with the same SSID but different channels as 2 different locations in the house with Ethernet back to the router.

Got my Vodafone TV service turned on on Saturday mornthing and all was fine. Got back home Saturday night after a family event and we were able to watch TV fine but couldnt surf the internet. It looked like I was getting no IPv4 address on my devices. A reboot of the router of which was the HG659 and nothing. So I removed just the Extenders and rebooted the router everything is now fine and working.

So today I did try to go back to the UltraHub but with a factory reset (paper clip) And I was able to get an IPv6 address and the VodafoneTVs were able to watch sports fine but no IPv4 traffic/ip address.

So that has lead me to believe no only is my UltraHub router stuffed but also one/both of the extenders. Has anyone else experianced issues? Who is using the extenders to extend their network but keeping the same SSID rather than different SSIDs?
What is the easiest way to get these replaced, As if I call the help desk they will want me to go through the troubleshooting steps and even though I have already done all of them they want to do it on the phone. And since it seems to be an IP (DHCP) issue it could work for 24 or so hours before dying.

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