Vodafone Ultra Hub Plus Problem

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Vodafone Ultra Hub Plus Problem

by davemac Starter Poster
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When I login to admin the modem/router (which is no problem) as soon as I select Settings (5th tab) I am taken to the password screen


When I attempt to select any of the options from the sub-menu (L/H side tabs) I get a dialog box which says "


"Unsaved Changes Please apply or cancel your changes before you proceed further"


No matter whether I save or ignore I am always returned to the password screen and the same prompt appears when I try to exit the screen.


The only way to get out of this loop is to close the browser window so I am unable to access any of the features in the configurartion - USB, Print Server etc...


All browsers exhibit this problem: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi...

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Re: Vodafone Ultra Hub Plus Problem

by Senior Contributor MrMorm Senior Contributor
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Sounds like you need to factory reset it. Press and hold the reset pinhole button until all the lights go out.

The config looks to be confused.

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